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Making the best display Better

Viewability Improvement in Outdoor Lighting Conditions

Brighter, More Vibrant Color Display

Optical-interference coating cuts reflection by 70%

Protects phone screen against accidental drop or damage


Lowest Reflection


EclipseTM by Ngomad is the world's first aftermarket overlay to have a Precision Optics Grade Optical Interference Coating. By laminating an EclipseTM on a mobile display, the screen reflection is reduced by 70%. Reflection reduction performance of mobile display with EclipseTM is better than any of Apple's latest products.

 Anti-Glare vs Optical Interference

Superior Optical

Interference Solution


Optical-interference coating is well-known in the optics world but shortcomings and complexities of existing deposition technologies have limited this coating to specialty optic applications and soft dielectric materials selection.

Enabled by UltraDep, a plasma deposition technology with energetic ion flux and capable of high volume production, optical-interference coating on Eclipse is superior in both optical performance and durability.

As an aftermarket overlay, which can be applied to virtually any mobile phones, Eclipse bypasses complex supply chains of phone manufacturers and provides power to the users to enhance their experiences. Eclipse also protects users’ screens, because despite having higher hardness than native cover glasses, destructive damages can still occur. With Eclipse, users can simply replace the overlay instead of the expensive display assembly.

Phong Ngo | Founder/President

Phong Ngo | Founder/President

John Madocks | Chief Technology Officier

John Madocks | Chief Technology Officier


Our Story

The company’s name Ngomad, pronounced "nomad”, is a play from the founding team’s last names Ngo and Madocks. Nomads are travelers and adventurers, always looking to chart a bold, new course. Like true nomads, we revel in our independence, courage and freedom. These are values enabling us to venture into uncharted territory where real innovation awaits.

With 35+ years of experience designing and supplying equipment for thin-film vacuum coating industry, Phong and John have successfully developed a breakthrough in deposition technology, termed UltraDep, with superior deposition rate, film quality and control-ability. UltraDep is the magic behind advanced optical interference coating of Eclipse.

Launched in 2018, Eclipse by Ngomad aims to enhance user experience, one display at a time.